Carolynn's Priorities

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Florida Families First

When Tallahassee continually prioritizes big corporations over Florida families, it damages our communities. I will put families first, because it’s the right thing to do and II know a strong economy will follow.

Florida families need:

  • Safe, affordable, secure housing, and a living wage. 

  • Quality schools and resources to help teachers nurture and inspire our future leaders.

  • Safe and  affordable Pre-K and daycare so that parents can return to work with confidence. 

  • Reproductive rights, so that Floridians can decide for themselves when to start or expand their families without government interference.

  • Better gun safety legislation that doesn’t take away the freedom to own a gun.

  • A state government that’s on the side of Florida families and is willing to fight skyrocketing insurance and utility costs.

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Florida’s beautiful environment is its most valuable natural resource, yet Tallahassee has neglected it for decades.  Millions of dollars have been spent studying our environmental problems, and we know clearly what to do to fix them. It’s time to put those plans into action.

  • End the attacks on rooftop solar by opposing Net Metering. Florida’s utilities want to penalize seniors who use meager energy sales from rooftop solar to stretch their fixed budgets. These attacks to shore up dirty energy will have a chilling effect on clean, renewable energy in Florida.

  • Ensure that Florida Forever funds approved by Florida’s voters actually goes towards purchasing conservation lands, instead of corporate kickbacks

  • Support measures that monitor and ensure that drinking water in our schools are free of toxins like lead

  • Implement the recommendations of the Blue-Green Algae task force

  • Clean up toxic sites like Piney Point before they fuel another devastating red tide bloom, and raise the requirements for toxic waste dumps like Piney Point that continue to be approved across our State

  • Encourage use of federal infrastructure dollars from the American Jobs Plan to restore the water flow in the Everglades

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Health Care

Every Floridian should have affordable care they need to improve their physical and mental health. A good healthcare system will help Floridians manage many health problems before they become health emergencies.

  • Work to make healthcare accessible for every Floridian. Currently there are almost 3 million of our neighbors with no health insurance, that’s 1 in 12 Floridians, and it’s unacceptable.

  • Protect our aquifers, which supplies drinking water to 90% of Floridians, a key component of health

  • Ensure that CARES Act and American Jobs Plan federal dollars are released to Schools as appropriated, to help students impacted by the pandemic, and not hoarded or swept into general funds.

  • Continue to actively connect individuals with substance use or mental health disorders to the medications and services that can help them resume a thriving and joyful life

Safe and Inclusive Elections

Our democracy depends on free and fair elections. Florida’s election process works, but I will fight to ensure that every qualified citizen is able to participate without unfair roadblocks. 


Beware. When politicians try to limit voter participation or try to make us doubt election results, it means that they plan to represent their own interests – not the voters.

  • Preserve the Rights of Citizens to propose Constitutional Initiatives. Our Legislators want to strip freedom and power from the people. I will ensure that Citizen Initiatives are protected.

  • Pursue sham Candidates and impose all applicable penalties and fines for fraudulent Campaign activity

  • Ensure that Seniors, Veterans, Disabled and others with impediments to voting have access to exercise their Constitutional Right to Vote.

  • Dismantle any barriers that are enacted simply to harass and restrict eligible voters.