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  • Carolynn Zonia

The Myth of Scarcity

This weekend I attended Pridefest in Panama City. Events like this are public affirmations of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness enshrined for each of us in the Constitution. It was wonderful to see love, respect and joy shared as a family in a safe space.

It got me wondering, why do we see such hate directed towards certain groups of people? And I realized it is by pushing the myth of scarcity.

When we see greedy Politicians try to divide us and drive wedges between us, they always pick a group and label them “unworthy.” They try to convince us that there is not enough for everyone. They hope to make you afraid that you’ll be left behind, or to use their words, “replaced” by these other groups.

We see it across District 2, when our State has a $20 billion dollar surplus, that so many important projects were vetoed just to push this myth of scarcity.

Don’t fall for it.

Begin by following the Commandment to love thy neighbor. No matter your faith, all religions share this same directive. That we strive to build a beloved community, where we care about and for one another. In the Bible, Jesus tells us that non-believers will recognize us as His disciples by our love for one another. Our actions speak louder than words. “They will know you by your love.”

Next, celebrate that we are the wealthiest Nation on Earth. These lies about scarcity that are repeated over and over are an attempt by greedy Politicians to maintain power. That $20 billion dollar surplus that they are hoarding is taking our public money from our Communities to give as kickbacks to their wealthy donors. Hardworking Floridians pay taxes and deserve to see investments that lead to opportunities in our Community, not given away as a reward for keeping greedy Politicians in power.

Finally, you have a chance to change all of this. You can choose to elect Leaders who have a #Heart4People and will work to see that public money, your money and my money, actually goes toward the public good, to ensure that we each have the tools necessary to build a good life for ourselves and our Families.

No matter what we look like, where we come from, who we love or how we define Family, we are all pursuing the American Dream. I believe we can do much better, and we deserve better than the do-nothing folks in Tallahassee now. If you agree with me, share this blog with your family, friends and neighbors. Ask them to sign up to volunteer on my webpage and please make a donation.

Together we can do this.

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