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  • Carolynn Zonia

The Governor demanded a Special Session. Now what?

Arrangements are being made to conduct a Special Session of the Legislature from April 19th-22nd. I called for this in a letter to the editor published last month in the Panama City News Herald. So even though this 3 days will cost a million dollars of public money-your money and my money, that is supposed to serve the public good-I do applaud the call and believe it is critically necessary. However, the issues that are crushing Florida families right now (lack of secure and affordable housing, the outrageous rate hikes by Florida Power and Light, and exorbitant property insurance, if you can even find a Company and policy) are currently not even scheduled to be addressed.

I hope you are asking: how is this possible? The Republican dominated legislature just spent 2 months figuratively playing the fiddle while the State of Florida is burning. Florida families need legislators who will demand that the real issues that everyday Floridians are struggling with get attention and answers. But the only way to get a different result from greedy politicians who prioritize donors instead of voters is to make your voice heard. You can email or call your legislator today and tell them what you think they should be working on during the Special Session. And if they don't get it right, make sure they hear your voice at the ballot box on November 8th. I will go to Tallahassee to represent everyone from District 2, and to put #FloridaFamiliesFirst.

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