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  • Carolynn Zonia

Tallahassee Politicians have lost touch with their constituents

The stories of everyday families being crushed by skyrocketing utility bills

right now are heartbreaking: a single Mom living in a trailer with her 2

school- aged children whose electric bill went from less than $200 per

month last winter to nearly $600 per month since FPL’s rate hike.

Another heartbreaker is the disabled police officer living

on a fixed income whose wife and children have all been sick this winter

after being forced to turn the heat dangerously low to adjust. He wonders

how they will survive? And then there are the many seniors who are

dipping into meager savings to pay what is amounting to a luxury tax on a

basic necessity of life.

Over and over, I’m hearing the cries of neighbors

who feel that the politicians have sold them out. It is clear to anyone paying

attention that Tallahassee has lost touch with the majority of their

constituents. It’s time for the Senate President and the Speaker of the

House to file a joint proclamation convening a Special

Session of the Legislature. Unlike Special Sessions the past two years to expand gambling and weaken protections during a Pandemic, this joint session of the Legislature would address a real need and current threat to Floridians.

The politicians created this disaster, it’s on them

to make it right for Florida families.

Published in the Panama City News Herald, 3/12/22

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