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  • Carolynn Zonia

Solutions for Traffic woes

For everyone suffering in frustrating traffic jams across District 2, I see you and share your agony. But as a forward thinking leader, I understand it's time to make our roadways smarter, not bigger. A trip to our state Capitol gives an excellent example. The building holds 14 elevators that used to have crowds waiting to catch one and then push in to get to your destination. New technology allows the elevator control panel to group rides. You enter a floor number on a touch screen and are directed to one of the 14 elevators for your trip. You don't even have to push a button when you enter the elevator, it delivers you directly to your chosen floor.

In a similar fashion, applying current technology advances to our roadways would make traffic move more efficiently. Installing low cost traffic sensors to roadways would allow real time traffic monitoring. This could easily be synced to traffic lights that would adjust with traffic density to ease traffic tie-ups. In addition, real time traffic monitoring could direct you through alternate routes with improved travel times, or offer options that decrease traffic congestion for all drivers. And real time traffic monitoring can also guide you to leave 15 minutes early or 45 minutes later to decrease your total travel time per trip.

Once you connect the dots, you'll see that I'll demand Government that works smarter, not harder. I'm a forward thinking leader who will ensure transparency and efficiency. Keep connecting the dots.

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