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Putting Families First: Inflation Reduction Act

Billions of dollars are being pumped into Florida from Federal programs. This money should be going to help Families, Farmers, Seniors and Veterans, but instead it's being swept into the General Budget, where we lose transparency. Public money, your money and my money, should not be used as political gifts and kickbacks to donors.

The chart above shows the total jobs and distribution of jobs related to the types of policies in the Inflation Reduction Act, such as incentives and support for clean electricity and transmission (Power), energy efficient and electrified homes and offices (Buildings), alternative fuel and electric vehicles (Transportation), manufacturing of clean energy technologies and cleaner industrial processes (Industrial), nature based solutions (Ag & Forestry), and reducing pollution and expanding access to clean energy in low-income and at-risk communities (Environmental Justice and Local Communities, EJ&LC).

Good news for Florida Families! Today the President signed The Inflation Reduction Act. What could this mean for Florida?

The Inflation Reduction Act is a far reaching bill with investments in healthcare, the climate, and infrastructure, all while lowering the deficit. Those purchasing insurance in the marketplace benefit from extensions to the tax credits that were set to expire. And seniors will benefit from Medicare negotiating drug costs, with a cap on all out of pocket costs for seniors.

But the most excitement around this bill comes from the historic investment in climate action, including infrastructure, energy and manufacturing that will reduce carbon emissions and result in new jobs and energy independence. Over the next decade, the $17.4 billion dollars coming to Florida could create hundreds of thousands of new jobs, and generate hundreds of millions in new public money and billions in compensation for these workers. I learned that over half of the new U.S. Manufacturing jobs of the future have not even been created yet! Exciting indeed!

Unfortunately in Florida, we see a lack of transparency about this public money: American Rescue Plan Act funds not going to housing, CARES Act funds not going to schools, and uncertainty around where the money from the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act funds are going.

This is why I'm running. To restore old fashioned values of honesty, transparency, ethics and hard work into our State government. I will attend meetings, track our public money, and ensure that District 2 gets our fair share of these historic investments.

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