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Prepare now to VOTE in every election.

Primary elections are on August 23. It's not too early to register to vote, or to check your registration and sign up for vote by mail.

To register to vote or to change your information, you'll need to contact the Supervisor of Elections in your county, and have the following information on hand:

First and Last Name

Date of Birth

Residence Address (no PO Box)

Last Four Digits of your SSN

Drivers License or State ID number

Email address (if signing up online)

If you're changing your address or name, you'll need your previous information.

Here's a list of contacts for Supervisors of Elections for District 2 counties:

Okaloosa County

(850) 689-5600

Walton County

(850) 892-8112

Holmes County

(850) 547-1107

Washington County


Bay County


Jackson County

(850) 482-9652

Check back for a step-by-step guide to signing up for vote by mail!

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