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  • Carolynn Zonia

Infrastructure $$$

Let's celebrate the news that District 2 is getting tens of millions of dollars for needed improvements and upgrades to aging facilities. But let's also question the transparency behind these appropriations.

The Build Back Better Act is pumping billions of dollars into Florida for infrastructure improvements. Think about all the infrastructure that you depend on in any given day: electricity, water, gas, sewer lines. Storm water management, landline telephones, cellular towers, internet. Broadcast TV, radios, 911 system, severe weather alert systems. Roads, bridges, traffic lights, sidewalks, bike paths/lanes, Public transit, railroad crossings, railroad traffic control. Wastewater treatment, fire hydrants, garbage and recycling. Maybe airports and seaports, marinas and boat launches?

The billions of dollars flowing into Florida are to address the above needs. A recent quote about the millions for District 2 that have suddenly appeared in the 2022 Budget attributes them to "favors." Let's connect the dots between public money, my money and your money, that is awarded as favors and not appropriated as planned. Only with transparency can we ensure that these billions of dollars are not going to big corporate donors and instead are used to put #FamiliesFirst.

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