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  • Carolynn Zonia

Connect the dots

None of us want more government in our lives. But what if we could make our government actually work for us? It's time to connect the dots.

Let's take the example of the new internet sales tax. Last year, during a pandemic, when so many were ordering goods and services online due to fears and scarcity, Florida passed a sales tax collection bill that started requiring you to pay an additional 6% on those sales. This will equate to an additional billion dollars in revenue for the State. Pay attention, because this new money should not be another cask kickback to big corporations---which is what the greedy politicians in Tallahassee did, giving it as a direct cash kickback to big corporations who just 3 years ago received a $1.7 trillion dollar tax cut.

A billion dollars across each Senator's district will equate to an additional $25 million to District 2. How could that money go to serve Families in our area? It could mean over 500 additional teachers across our District. It could fund or expand 5 public transit services across our district similar to the Bay Town Trolley system in Bay County. Think of the positive impacts on traffic, and your expenses for gas and maintenance of a vehicle, or getting more essential workers back to your business if a public transit system was in place? Or it could provide the equivalent of seven Grady Brown Parks across District 2. Or a combination of services, that would receive funding every year from this new internet sales tax, enacted by the GOP.

Once you connect the dots, you will see that I will make sure our Government works smarter, and works for us. I'm a forward thinking leader who will ensure transparency and efficiency. Start connecting the dots between lack of services and politicians who cater to their big donors.

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