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Dr. Carolynn Zonia in Tallahassee

Carolynn Zonia

Democrat for Florida Senate District 2

And I heard the voice of the Lord saying: Whom shall I send? Who will go for us? And I answered: I’ll go. Send me

Isaiah 6:8

For decades our state has incentivized big corporations with kickbacks and tax cuts, all at the expense of Florida families. The politicians in Tallahassee have forgotten that people are the real heart of strong communities.

I want to renew our investment in families, because I know that when we put Florida Families First, a thriving economy will follow.

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Carolynn's Story

Caring, Competent, Committed

After decades of working as an emergency physician in level 1 trauma centers in Chicago, I decided to become a full time resident of a world-renowned community in Walton County.


As a visitor, I enjoyed Walton County’s beautiful beaches and forests for years. As a resident, I felt a responsibility to advocate for their protection, and I ran for County Commissioner with that message. 


When the Covid-19 pandemic came to the panhandle, I helped connect folks to resources and volunteered on the front lines of this Pandemic.


I’ve realized that the problems I see in my community are happening all over our beautiful state. I’m running for Florida Senate because we need legislators in Tallahassee that will fight for Florida’s families and Florida’s rare natural resources.

Carolynn's Priorities

Florida Families First

When Tallahassee continually prioritizes big corporations over Florida families, it damages our communities. I will put families first, because it’s the right thing to do and I know a strong economy will follow.

Affordable Healthcare

Every Floridian should have access to care that helps improve their physical and mental health. A good healthcare system will help Floridians manage many health problems before they become health emergencies.


Florida’s beautiful environment is its most valuable natural resource, yet Tallahassee has neglected it for decades.  Millions of dollars have been spent studying our environmental problems and we know clearly what to do to fix them. It’s time to put those plans into action.

Safe and Inclusive Elections

Our democracy depends on free and fair elections. Florida’s election process works, but I will fight to ensure that every qualified citizen is able to participate without unfair roadblocks.


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